Author Topic: RFduino GZLL Protocol for RFduino to RFduino Communication  (Read 29021 times)


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Re: RFduino GZLL Protocol for RFduino to RFduino Communication
« Reply #15 on: July 14, 2015, 05:47:51 AM »

I was wondering if I could get help as regards a problem I'm having using the GZLL protocol for communication between a RFduino host and 6 RFduino devices. The devices are connected to 5 integrated gyro-accelerometers and 1 set of emg sensors respectively. The 5 RFduino devices with the gyro-accelerometers run the same program on their microcontrollers (except for the device number - DEVICE0, DEVICE1, etc). I expected that the host would receive data from each of the devices at the same rate and I would get slightly synced - I understand that the host communicates asynchronously with devices over rotated timeslices called 'heartbeats' - data with (approximately) the same number of frames captured from all of the 6 devices.

However, that is not what I find. I find instead that some of the devices seem to hog communication with the host resulting in much inconsistent number of data frames across the devices. So, for example, I might get 125, 80, 40, 27, 45, 215 frames from each of the devices when they are all on together. Do you have any suggestions as to solving this problem???