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RFduino v2.2.4 Released


RFduino v2.2.4 Released

v 2.2.4
  - Reduce compile times with Arduino 1.6 on second and subsequent compiles.

v 2.2.3
  - GZLL baseAddress enhancement (thanks waynek/jetty840)
  - Check base address msb is not 0x55 or 0xaa
  - Updated libRFduinoGZLL keywords.txt
  - Added DeviceToHostSettings example GZLL sketch


With RFduino v2.2.4, the first compile will still take a few seconds, but all subsequent compiles of the sketch will be many times faster. To benefit from this update, you should upgrade to Arduino 1.6

It also works with Arduino 1.5.8 since the ARM GNU compiler version itself hasn't changed form 1.5.8 to 1.6.0. Adding the -MMD flag to the compiler options works in both setups. Have fun!

I like how things are coming up for RFduino and Arduino. Now its way more stable and fast. Thanks Rfduino team.


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