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Getting Started / Re: BLE for Windows 8.1 w/GATT
« on: November 24, 2014, 10:31:49 AM »
Sorry for bump an ancient post, but I couldn't find ANY other topics related to hooking up the rfduino to a Windows Phone programmatically.

Anyway I'm using the code you've given above. It executes alright but it seems kinda redundant since the variable "value" at the end always has a value of 23.5. I'm using Debug.WriteLine to display its value and it remains 23.5 even if my rfduino is powered off. I'm using the temperature example as it is, except for the fact that I'm using RFDuinoBLE.sendFloat(1.0) i.e. I'm sending a constant value just to make things simpler.

Any idea what's wrong?

Software / Info about BLE characterstics
« on: November 22, 2014, 07:06:31 AM »

I'm trying to establish communication between an rfduino and a Windows Phone app I'm designing (I need to transmit arrays from the RFduino and receive them on my phone). On the phone end, I'm having trouble configuring the rfduino. From what I've read, every task in BLE is performed by some service(?). So I ran the BulkDataTransfer example on the rfduino and ran the code here: on my phone to figure out what was going on

The code showed me that the rfduino was using the GenericAccess and GenericAttirbute services. Once I knew that, it seemed pretty straight forward; all I had to do was write an event handler for when these services changed and I'd be able to receive the packets the rfduino was sending out. But the problem is that I also need to know the "characteristic" UUID that is being used by the BulkDataTransfer code example.

Below is the list of characteristic UUIDs that I can use:

Any help?

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