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I got the same e-mail from semiconductor Store about the several week backorder, but just received my RFduino from them today! Ordered first week of January.

YAY! Received my RFDuino from Micro Center Online.

I've been frustrated with repeated delays in shipping my pre-order. Watching the website where these "by the end of the month" promises we're being made. Finally I saw the forum back up and learn some stores were stocked already. Jeez! Glad to learn that.

So although I ordered the $99 kit from on October 24, I now have ordered from and from as well on January 3.

Microcenter sent me a shipment notice and fedex tracking number already.
Their products here

RFDuino ? Bad business practices. Never sent me email describing delays directly. Gave incorrect dates on website. Or lost my order?

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