Author Topic: RFduino SW Does not Install According to Instuctions  (Read 1302 times)


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RFduino SW Does not Install According to Instuctions
« on: July 22, 2016, 03:46:58 PM »
  I purchased a >$200 development kit and installed the Arduino software according to the quick start guide for the RFD77201 and the RFD22121 USB shield for programming. 

- I installed this Arduino 1.6.9 IDE, after first installing the FDDI software as described in the quick start guide. 
- I set the addiitional board manager url to:
- I installed the RFduino board support as indicated and set the board to RFduino in "Tools -> Board"
- I set the the port to my USB serial port
- I uploaded the temperature software, which compiled, but "failed" to upload.

I have attempted this installation on both a laptop and desktop.

I also tried to use this software with the RFD77203.  It fails to upload, and I have no recourse.

 When I call the support line, I get transferred to people whose voicemail boxes are full, which is on top of the fact that your software information does not even live on the RFdigital  Corporate web site, but is buried in the forum.

I expect this matter to be cleared up Very quickly.  I can't even install and use your product, much less create one of my own. 
Please provide CORRECT installation instructions.


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Re: RFduino SW Does not Install According to Instuctions
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2016, 04:31:30 PM »
I don't work for RFdigital, but I am confused what you did.
You said you installed the  RFduino JSON file. But you are trying to program a Simblee.
You need the Simblee JSON file.
While the Simblee is a super RFduino, you can not use the RFduino library to program Simblee modules.

Sounds like you used the RFduino quickstart guide instead of a Simblee quickstart guide.

So are you saying your Simblee project kit came with RFduino quickstart instructions instead of Simblee instructions??? If so, then definitely report that to their customer service department.

For Simblee documentation, for what it is, look to instead of
However, Simblee community supprt is here on the So you came to the right place for both.
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