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Hi guys,

Just thought I would share a couple of Simblee boards I am just finishing up.

The first is an extended breakout board. It has a coin cell holder on the back, micro USB plug, and full onboard USB for programming. The usb cable can also power the board. The board can also be powered by up to 16v on a "RAW" pin. There is a reset button, and a user interface button. Two LEDs. Also a NPN/ PNP MOSFET so you can output the voltage found on the RAW pin to an output up to 1A (16v max). I was thinking about automotive interface so I had everything 16v tolerant.

The second is a 2032 coin cell based board. It also has onboard USB programming and the MOSFET network to switch an external voltage up to 16v and 1A. There is also one input pad with voltage divider connected to an ADC pin. I actually made this board so I can control the thermostat in my shop with my phone. I could turn up the heat before I went out there to work on something.

The third I am not done with. It is for another thing I have been meaning to do for a while now. It is powered again by a coin cell, has onboard USB for programming. It also has a type K thermocouple chip. I wanted this to have for the BBQ, so I can check on the meat (like a roast or something) without having to go out and open the lid every time. The thermocouple will have a long lead so the board is outside the BBQ obviously. This would work for the over too of course.

There are so many of my projects that have been in the back of my mind that I can do now with the whole App creation simplification that Simblee offers, I am very excited to get going!!!

Peter Betz

Nice boards.  Any chance you might share the price of the simblee chip in different volumes?

Edit: Just got a quote from Symmetry Electronics

250 19.00
1k    12.25



 Sorry, not sure why I missed your message. I have better pricing then that, so hopefully the boards I have will be more appealing than people doing their own.

Boards and parts are ordered so hopefully I will be playing around with it a bunch shortly. I intend to do a lot of tutorials etc as I play around. I have some awesome projects in mind!

FYI, I changed the BBQ board. I have now gone with LiPo charging and a nice tall tactile that can stick out of the case to use as an interrupt to wake the device up:


To BETZtechnik:
Hi Peter!,
Any chance you guys can (soon...maybe...) develop a Simblee-base module with an on-board RTC chip (say with an I2C interface, like the DS3231, preferably...)...???
Guess a lot of interest will be generated in the scope of data-logging applications...
Hope to hear from you!

Hi Alfdan,

Interesting idea ! I just sent you a message.



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