Author Topic: Proximity sensing and activating switch  (Read 714 times)


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Proximity sensing and activating switch
« on: May 08, 2017, 12:43:02 PM »
I would like to use an RFDuino or Simblee to retro fit an electronic lock (Samsung EZON). This lock (And, i suppose, many others) have a switch on the inside (Momentary contact) that opens the lock.

I would like to use the RFDuino or Simblee (As a beacon?) to know when specific iPhones (ie. ones I include) are in close proximity and then either automatically close the circuit (Thereby opening the lock) or putting up a notification on the iPhone requesting TouchID (For security purposes) that will then close the circuit.

If I put the RFDuino/Simblee into beacon mode then that is one way only. Is there any ideas on other ways? Also, I'm fairly sure I can't use Simblee for this either - it would need Objective-C, correct?

Any idea's out there?