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BLE issues - windows app
« on: October 13, 2017, 07:48:23 AM »

I have been trying to setup communication between a Simblee and an app built in QT and I can't seem to read the data properly. Loaded on the Simblee now is a basic program which outputs a message to the serial monitor on advertisement, connect, and disconnect to verify on the chip side that those are working, and they seem to be. In the main loop, I am incrementing a variable i and calling SimbleeBLE.sendInt(i). In theory, if i read the characteristic value in QT, it should be i, but I am reading a constant hex value of 0xa31c instead. In the qt debugging environment, I can connect to the device (confirmed the correct device by a Simblee print to serial monitor), create a service object for service uuid 0xfe84, and the only non-null characteristic is at uuid {2d30c082-f39f-4ce6-923f-3484ea480596} with handle 17.

Is there some other way to create and update characteristics on the Simblee, am I looking at the wrong uuids, or is there some weird interaction with Windows that requires a workaround?