Author Topic: Simblee mobile , accelerometer access, Power Lock  (Read 292 times)


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Simblee mobile , accelerometer access, Power Lock
« on: June 27, 2017, 07:54:44 PM »
Thanks for the good work. I did not see this in the documentation but here are my questions. I've read some posting related
to but no definite answer.

1- Can I get the accelerometer readings in the mobile app? I need to send them from the phone to the
to the simblee device.
2- Is there a way for to keep the phone not to go to sleep(ie. not sleep the cpu) when needed? The phone needs to be
responsive as long as simblee is connected. Android has such a thing, PowerManager.WakeLock, that I ended up using.

I've built a device (initially for RFDuino) now ported to Simblee, wrote a Android native app.
Now I need the IOS version. I was evaluating Simblee mobile, Evothings and a native rewrite of the app on IOS.
I need both of these requirements above for both platforms.
I'll try to put it on kickstarter/indigogo sometime this summer. The IOS app is one the largest remaining items.

Kursat Uvez