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Re: Is Simblee still being developed / supported
« Reply #15 on: June 05, 2017, 06:24:24 PM »
A CHANGELOG is always shipped with every release.  It can be Found here:


Here are the contents:


v 1.1.3
- Added ams AS5601,AS6200,CCS811,ENS210,TMG4903 sensor support

v 1.1.2
- Added wire.end()
  - Added RFD77804_Simblee_ToF_Sample_Code example from video
- Added SPI Slave support

v 1.1.1
- Fixed issue with SimbleeAESCOM counter example
- Fixed issue with SimbleeForMobile with image numbers > 7
- Fixed issue with WiFi enable/disable not working
- Fixed issue with SimbleeForMobile multiple screens and SimbleeCloud
- Update to pgmspace.h required for WiFi support
- Fixed issue with SimbleeCloud reporting active on some failure conditions
- Added guard, so loop can just be "cloud.process()"
- Added disconnect() to SimbleeCloud
- Force SimbleeForMobileClient.cpp to closeSocket on connection failure
- Cleanup a return code issue for SimbleeForMobileClient
- Missing stop() in SimbleeForMobile.connect()
- Added resetReason and watchDogTimer support
- SPI enhancements (double buffered transfer16, block transfer, and functions for setting pin assignments)
- Arduino sketch/export compiled binary support
- Added SimbleeToF library

v 1.1.0
- Android SimbleeForMobile launch
- Please download the latest version of SimbleeForMobile from the Apple AppStore
    for use with this release!
    (if you get a blank white screen on your iOS device after connection, that
     means that you are not using the latest SimbleeForMobile app)
  - SimbleeForMobile uses a virtual screen size of 320x568 and the same font on
    iOS and Android.  This allows your SimbleeForMobile user interfaces to
    appear as similar as possible on iOS and Android devices.  New examples have
    been added, and some existing examples updated to demonstrate new features.
    Some minor user interface corrections may be required.
  - Removed "advertising:" when Simblee module found during scanning
  - Allow out of range Simblee modules to be deleted from scanning screen
  - Fixed issue fetching large amounts of data from the internet
  - Fixed SimbleeForMobile issue with transparent rectangles
  - Added SimbleeForMobile setEnabled function and remoteDeviceType flag.
  - Fixed SimbleeForMobile Access Network switch in iOS Settings
- Fix for loader.bat issue with paths with spaces (thanks Per Tillisch)
  - Fixed issue with pinWakeCallback and two pins triggering on low
  - Fixed issue with VDD_1_3_PS defined twice (use VDD1_3_PS for analogSelection)
  - Enable C++11 support (thanks focalintent)
  - Fix Print::printf("%f") with correct digits (thanks ShenggaoZhu)
  - Fix to SimbleeAES for CCM NONCE: 39bit packet counter and direction bit
    (thanks Victor Demchenko)

v 1.0.3
  - Fix for pinWake LOW
  - Fix for SimbleeCloud for supporting other Ethernet/WiFi clients
  - SPI Transaction and useInterrupt support for better compatibility
  - support for both SPI and Wire peripherals
  - Simblee_pinWakeVoidCallback() support for better attachInterrupt() compatibility
    note: prior calls to attachInterrupt() need to be changed to dynamic_attachInterrupt()!
  - WString added support for standard c_str()

v 1.0.2
  - Fix for flash erase and flash write
  - Fix for Simblee BLE power consumption
  - RFDLoader support for other toolchains

v 1.0.1
- Changes for Arduino 1.6.6
  - Fix for osx/linux permissions

v 1.0.0
  - Initial release


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Re: Is Simblee still being developed / supported
« Reply #16 on: June 06, 2017, 06:23:28 AM »
Thanks Patty, now I know where to look..


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Re: Is Simblee still being developed / supported
« Reply #17 on: December 08, 2017, 02:52:38 PM »
Release listings and changelog links are listed here: