Author Topic: Axe Swing Module (Neopixel Strip and GY521 Acc/Gyro)  (Read 1032 times)


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Axe Swing Module (Neopixel Strip and GY521 Acc/Gyro)
« on: May 17, 2016, 08:08:31 PM »
I'm embarking on a interesting use for the Rfduino.

I plan on combining an rfduino with a gy521 (MPU6050) and a 60Led Neopixel Strip to visualise the swing of an axe in real time.

The led strip will mount on the back of the axe and connect to this module, and during the swing the GY521 will harvest raw data and change the colours and brightness of the LED strip. I am hoping to have the raw data processed on-board so no other device is required, all of this powered by battery and fitting into 40mm wide, 70mm long and 40mm tall box that will be also attached to the axe.
I have already purchased all parts and successfully wired the components on a bread board.

I've done some adequate reading on the forums for the last few weeks, trying modified libraries and realizing they longer are required. The next stage is to have the raw data influence the leds to change colour during the swing.

For example the axe will not light up unless motion is detected.
When upwards vertical motion is detected, the axe glows handle/strip glows white.
Swinging and gaining speed in the swing will progress the colours from blue green yellow orange red.
On impact the brightness flashes to max and the colour is white.

Are there alarm bells going off with this idea? Incompatibilities or impossibilities in this idea?
Your collective wisdom is most appreciated.