Author Topic: Simblee for Mobile power consumption issue after connection  (Read 1180 times)


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Simblee for Mobile power consumption issue after connection
« on: April 01, 2016, 11:18:44 AM »
Hi Guys-

I've been using the Simblee for a few days (and used RFDuino with GZLL prior to that).  I have an issue where ULP mode is not working after a connection is made.

All my measurements are made with a nice Fluke DMM (8845A)...

When I first load a sketch and it is advertising but not connected to an iOS device, I see about 300-500 uA during the advertising Tx event, and <10 uA during no advertising time (as dictated by a long Advertising interval)

But, if the iOS device makes a connection to the Simblee module, I get a constant ~350 uA even during ULP delay mode, and ~2 mA during Tx of the data (using temperature example modified to add ULP delay)

Is it impossible to get a good ULP mode with BLE?  maybe connection must be maintained?  Basically, I just want a remote sensor to broadcast small data and run on a coin cell for ~1 year.  I was able to get a good result with GZLL and separate Tx and Rx RFDuino units...but it seems like direct Rx with an iphone may be difficult.