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Suggestions / SimbleForMobile
« Last post by AKotowski on September 14, 2017, 10:16:37 AM »
I would like to see SFM be more robust with respect to user errors.  Currently SFM locks up for many conditions without any clue as to what is wrong.  I have learned:

1.) Dont call   SimbleeForMobile.process() too often
2.) Dont update screen elements when the phone is not connected
3.) Dont update screen elements for a screen that is no longer being displayed
4.) Elements drawn after   SimbleeForMobile.endScreen() may not display


A Kotowski

Suggestions / SimbleForMobile Data acquisition
« Last post by AKotowski on September 14, 2017, 10:07:25 AM »
I would like to see SFM have the capability of writing data to the phone mass storage.  This would provide an end to end data acquisition solution without requiring the development of a complex IoT multi web page system.
Support / Re: Simblee supply issues?
« Last post by tolson on September 14, 2017, 07:21:16 AM »
Dang! I do not know what is going on. None of the four main suppliers have any stock. Nor does SparkFun which has been the best source for information on using the Simblee.

Could be some big company finally went into production on something really cool and sucked up all the inventory, although I would have expected that big of a deal would be done factory direct. But I am not privy to what is going on behind the scenes.

Hopefully Mouser will get resupplied first as they have the best price for small quantities.

Support / Re: Simblee supply issues?
« Last post by martin7743 on September 14, 2017, 06:43:40 AM »

I have just encountered the same problem.
Suddenly the stock count at mouser went from 2800 or so to 0! From one day to the other.
Digi-Key 0 too, since end of August.
RS-Online 0.

There must be a bigger problem!
Maybe a product recall?

Has anyone more info?

Hopefully Simblee is not discontinued!

Best regards,
Support / Simblee supply issues?
« Last post by jetty on September 07, 2017, 06:10:57 PM »
RFD77101 is out of stock at Digikey and Mouser.  Digikey is claiming they ordered, were promised in March and are still awaiting delivery.
Mouser has placed a new order and is estimating 13th October

Having just decided to use this for a project, it appears the stock is now gone and there are restocking issues.

Can anyone shed light on if this product is being discontinued, or if Heptagon is unable to keep up with supply?
Simblee For Mobile / Re: SimbleeForMobile.drawSegment does not always work
« Last post by AKotowski on September 07, 2017, 05:56:17 PM »
Yep,  they found the cause:
Dont use the following commands:
1.) SimbleeForMobile.beginScreen(CLEAR);
2.) SimbleeForMobile.beginScreen(0xFF112244);

The following works:
Simblee For Mobile / Re: Update Segments on Connection
« Last post by hoser on September 05, 2017, 07:58:00 PM »
tolson, thank you for the input. For some reason, using the analogWrite feature as you have done in the code seems to get the Simblee in a state where it is changing brightness in the opposite direction. For example when I select 25%, it is full brightness and when I select 100% it is the dimmest. When I replaced the analogWrite for controlling the pwm_LED with the digitalWrite turning the current_LED on and off it worked correctly.

Obviously I need to clean up my code but using your method of comparing the time worked perfectly in blinking the LED. Thank you again!
Simblee Libraries / Simblee Library 1.1.4 is live
« Last post by RFD_Patty on September 05, 2017, 05:02:44 PM »
Simblee Library 1.1.4 is live, here is a list of changes from the CHANGELOG

V 1.1.4
  - Added sketches from Simblee Video tutorials
  - Added Simblee_ULPDelay_Exit(), which can be called from a callback to make Simblee_ULPDelay() exit in
    the loop.  Callbacks include SimbleeBLE_onConnect(), SimbleeBLE_onReceive(), etc
  - Fix first byte issue with Serial Monitor at 115200 baud.

Make sure to update to gain access to the new examples/features.   
Support / Tilt Sensor
« Last post by Wayne on September 05, 2017, 12:13:14 PM »
Ok all,  I need to put in a tilt sensor (not mercury type or the roller ball)
I was thinking adxl335..  Use 2 lines to check up vs down.  If I recall, the values will pulse when the condition is hit. 
Like if I rotated upside down, X will lets say raise while Y lowers. and vis versa for the opposite.
Need to do this if the product FootSwitch flips over and presses any of the X-Ray foot pedals.

Thinking of getting the ADXL335 to try..  Thoughts..

Simblee For Mobile / Re: SimbleeForMobile.drawSegment does not always work
« Last post by tolson on September 05, 2017, 08:45:33 AM »
Hopefully, the Pros from RFdigital will address their example.
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